Centralize your legal entity management

Keep local control

Combine software and service and fast track your global entity management

The integrated Legal Studio technology solution has freed up a lot of internal time spent on dealing with corporate secretary work in Europe. In turn, that has allowed us to focus more time on essential matters.Senior Legal Counsel EMEA Global Fashion Retailer
I have been working with Legal Studio for several years. I am very happy with their service and would recommend them to all in-house counsel facing the challenge of managing a complex corporate environment.Senior Legal Counsel EMEA Fortune 50 company

Save time & money

With the Legal Studio solution, we have helped global businesses save up to 60% of time and over 40% of costs. Stop legal, finance and management teams spending valuable time and money on lawyers and repetitive corporate secretarial work. Start using our solution combining software and service.


Legal Studio developed a secure cloud platform, connecting your companies corporate data to automated workflows. Our powerful workflows handle officer changes, annual meetings, powers of attorney and many more in over 80 countries worldwide. Benefit from our full Docusign integration, change approval workflows and Single Sign-On capabilities. With our ISO certified backbone, and end-to-end encryption, your data is in good hands.


Connect with your Legal Studio operations manager for those matters that cannot (yet) be solved by technology. Your operations manager ensures compliance in all processes. Our team of trained legal managers assists and guide you through the various processes. Make use of our carefully selected local partners, connected to our platform.

Global coverage

Our solution covers over 80 countries worldwide and gives a truly global coverage for your legal entity operations needs. Our workflows are designed to handle corporate changes in multiple jurisdictions, keeping local control and a centralised overview. Our solution can be used with the Legal Studio network of local legal experts. You can also use your own law firm partners and streamline your collaboration with them using our solution.

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for directors & shareholders

Access to your company data whenever, wherever.
Full Docusign integration
Audit company history and documents


for senior legal counsel / CFO

Audit and analyse corporate processes live
Monitor compliance
Manage budgets per company and country
Report internally


for members of the legal team

Simple and easy task allocation
Keep track of deadlines and upcoming changes
Collaborate with colleagues, auditors and lawyers online

Your corporate data protected

Our Mendix backbone is fully ISO certified

Security scorecard - top score 98
End-to-end encrypted
ISO/IEC 27001 certification
ISAE 3000 type II assurance report
ISAE 3402 type II assurance report
SOC 1 type II assurance report
SOC 2 type II assurance report
SOC 3 type II assurance report
CSA STAR certification

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